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SUP and Kayak, an experience for all levels.

No excuses! Whether you want to try SUP or Kayak for the first time or train to improve your technique, at SUPHERR, we have developed programs for beginners, intermediates, and advanced paddlers.

SUP discipline can be practiced at a recreational level, for endurance and even at a competitive level.

We provide everything you need to progress from a beginner level to an advanced level.

Our Services

Specialized Training

If you’re interested in improving your technique and performance, we offer various routes, programs, and training packages for SUP and Kayak. Our internationally certified team of instructors will help you enhance your skills, posture, and timings according to your ability. While training, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different islands and beaches in the Gulf of Nicoya or near Playa Herradura.

At SUPHERR, as a specialized center in Stand Up Paddle and Kayak, we have designed a series of routes tailored to all levels of experience.

We offer training programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced paddlers, and we have specialized equipment for each type of paddler and distance to be covered.

We create personalized training, both individual and group sessions, available for single-day or multiple sessions per week to ensure maximum progress and fitness improvement.

Our routes are adjusted according to each paddler’s level. Training for beginners typically covers distances of 2km to 5km, intermediate paddlers can explore touring boards covering distances from 5km to 10km, and advanced paddlers can use racing boards to cover distances of 10km and beyond.

If you’d like to request a quote for training or have a specific training plan designed, please click the button and let’s start a conversation.

Equipment Rental

If you want to paddle in the Bay of Playa Herradura or Playa Naranjo and already have a certain level of experience, you can rent or purchase equipment at our SUP and Kayak Center. We also offer storage services in case you already have your own equipment.

We have a wide variety of accessories, stand-up paddle and kayak board models, paddles, fins, and much more available at our specialized center, just steps away from the beach.

If you want to buy or rent a board, our professional SUPers will recommend the best option based on your experience, needs, and the current beach conditions. For more advanced customers, we offer a range of professional-grade accessories from brands like Swellboards and Black Project, among others.

If you’d like more information about this service, please click the following button.

Alquiler y venta de tablas SUP

Rowing Club

As a specialized Stand Up Paddle center in Costa Rica, we have designed a club for passionate paddlers who want to practice more frequently or already have boards and want to paddle in Herradura Bay or the Gulf of Nicoya (O’Pacifico Boutique Hotel).

The Rowing Club is for those who want to paddle several times a week or wish to store their equipment near the sea.

Being part of the Rowing Club comes with exclusive benefits:

  • You can use the SUPHERR facilities in Herradura Bay.
  • Receive discounts on equipment rentals for your friends or whenever you want to rent a professional board like the available race boards.
  • Discounts on clinics and events organized by SUPHERR throughout the year.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of your equipment after paddling.

If you don’t have a board and you’re a frequent paddler, we offer the SUP GYM (daily use of a SUPHERR board for 2 hours for only $100 per month.

If you already have a board and want equipment storage, you can join the club for $40 per month. If you don’t have equipment and want to join the club to enjoy the benefits, you can do so starting from $25 per month.

We have promotions if you want to pay for 6 months or 1 year. Click the button to request more information.

Specialized Accessories

At SUPHERR, we have everything you need for paddling. We work with the best brands and offer products and accessories for all types of paddlers, including boards, paddles, leashes, life vests, sunscreen, rash guards, hydration drinks, camelbacks, bottles, speakers, and more.

Centro especializado en Standu Up Paddle y Kayak en Costa RIca

If you're interested in purchasing a board, request a free consultation with our specialists.